Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower Rice

Are you looking for a grain free rice dish?
      A delicious healthy dish with vegetables and  herbs and spices. No craving for grains here. When I tried this I felt so happy that now I do not have to add rice. A great substitute for vegetarians, vegans or diabetic. Very easy to make.




Cauliflower: 1 Floret

Onion: 1 small (chopped)

Peas: half cup

carrots: half cup

Corn: half cup

Mushrooms: half cup

Salt, Black Pepper,Turmeric half tea spoon

Lemon Juice: I spoon

Hot sauce: one spoon

Cilantro leaves to garnish



Grate cauliflower to substitute rice.

Add vinegar and add chopped onion.

Saute onion for 2 minutes.

Add chopped vegetables.

Add salt,pepper and turmeric.

Add grated cauliflower and mix it.

Cook for 5 minutes.

Add fresh lemon juice.

Garnish with cilantro and enjoy!

This can be a great dish if you are in 21 day challenge program!